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Required Software & Equipment

As new students prepare to make the transition into becoming full BADAS students, Digital Worlds (DW) has a list of personal gear and equipment that we recommend you acquire for your time in the degree program and for your future digital arts & sciences career. 

The New Student Buyer’s Guide was constructed with individual DW courses and assignments in mind. Many of these courses will occur during your 1st semester, including DIG3525C - Design & Production 1 and DIG3305C - 3D Animation.

Purchasing these items allows students to have their own gear for educational and personal use, especially since the amount of equipment resources DW can loan out to students is limited. Of course, students are welcome to use equipment they already own or to purchase higher spec items beyond what is listed on the Buyer’s Guide. At this time, the equipment in this Buyer’s Guide is not required but highly recommended for the benefit of your educational experience in this degree program. 

New Student Buyer's Guide

Camera (option 1)
Nikon D5200
24.1 MP Camera, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR Lens, Basic Accessory Bundle
DPS 1, DPS 2, DPS 4, Senior Project
Camera (option 2)
Canon EOS Rebel SL1
Canon EOS Rebel SL1 18.0 MP HD 1080 Video Body with EF-S 18-55mm Accessory Bundle
DPS 1, DPS 2, DPS 4, Senior Project
Graphics Tablet
Wacom Tablet
Comic pen and touch anime & manga digital drawing tablet
DPS 1, 2D + 3D Animation Techniques
Neewer NW-700
Mic with Table Stand
DPS 2, Found of Digital Culture, Senior Project
USB Audio Interface
BehringerU-PHORIA UM2 2x2 USB Audio Interface
DPS 2, Found of Digital Culture, Senior Project
Hard Drive
My Passport
External HD
2 TB, USB 3.0
All Courses
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Student & Teacher Edition Creative Cloud
All Courses
$19.00 per month
Mac or PC
See DW computer
requirement specs
UF Requirement

DW further requires that students have access to and on-going use of a laptop/mobile computer for DIG courses in order to be able to function in the current learning environment. Some courses program courses will require the use of mobile computers for coursework. Students are required to access electronic forms of information, submit assignments and communicate with other students and faculty electronically. DW requires each student’s mobile computer to meet certain minimum specs for heavy graphics use, the requirements documented below must be met.

Please visit the University of Florida student computing requirements page for additional information.

Computer Requirements

64 Bit Operating System
Windows 7 professional
Mac OS X Yosemite
64 Bit Operating System
Windows 10
Mac OS X El Capitan

2.2+ GHz Processor
6th Generation Intel Core i5 Processors
2.8+ GHz Processor
6th Generation Intel Core i7 Processors

12+ GB RAM

Portable External HDD for project backups or submission
SSD 128 GB or higher main with Standard HDD 512 GB or higher backup
Portable External HDD for project backups or submission
Solid State Drives provide much faster read and write times for 3D graphics development
Strongly recommended to protect your work in project-based classes
Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics Card
Support for Direct X 9 or higher
NVIDIA GTX 8xxM /9xxM series or higher graphics card
Support for Direct X 10 or higher
NVIDIA cards are more compatible with standard GPU shader languages like Cg and HLSL
Direct X 11 for students interested in 3D graphics development
3-button Mouse
3-button Mouse
6" x 8" or larger Pen Tablet (Optional)
3-button mouse required for several industry standard software packages
For students interested in 2D and 3D art development

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