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Tracking Sheet

Students should plan to take the courses listed in the MA in DAS Tracking Sheet below. Prior to completing the second term of study, students will select a supervisory committee of at least two members; the committee chair then assumes the role of advisor.

Students need to seek permission from the faculty mentor or committee chair to take courses (i.e. approved electives) outside the program. Any courses not approved in advance will not count towards the degree. Classes taken in other departments can be graduate-level (5000 and above) or upper-division undergraduate level (3000/4000). Undergraduate-level classes offered by Digital Worlds cannot be used to fulfill requirements for the MA degree.

A tracking sheet is used to record your classes. This sheet lists the required number of credits, Digital Worlds courses taken, your electives, and project/thesis hours. Each semester, the tracking sheet is updated with your grades and number of earned credit hours. Verify that the information on your tracking sheet is correct – you are responsible for notifying the department if there are any changes to be made. Please verify registration dates and times, and clear all holds early. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to register.

Registration Requirements
Each semester, there will be a registration/advising meeting to discuss advance registration for the next term(s). During this meeting, the schedule of courses and semester plan will be reviewed. Students will be reminded of holds and provided with the section numbers needed for self-registration. Other important program information will be shared, and students will have the opportunity to ask any questions. The meeting will be held near the midpoint of the semester; exact dates and times will be conveyed via e-mail.

The University of Florida operates on a semester system consisting of two 16-week periods and two 6-week summer terms. Full-time registrationis 9 to 12 credits. Students not on an appointment may want to enroll full-time to finish their degrees in the minimum time frame, or may be required to enroll full- time by external funding agencies or their academic units. Always verify with your outside funding agencies the number of credits you are required to take to maintain your financial aid.

Requirements for Graduation
It is essential that all candidates check with either Laura Robertson or Phillip Klepacki in the College of the Arts Graduate Office to be sure that all requirements for graduation have been met or will be met in the final semester. Petitions of degree requirements and transfer of credit will be entertained by the Graduate School no later than the term preceding the one in which the candidate is to receive the degree. MA students must enroll in DIG 6973 (Capstone Project in Lieu of Thesis) or DIG 6971 (Research for Thesis) during the term the final examination (oral defense) is given and the degree is conferred. 

The Graduate School issues deadline dates for each term, published on the Graduate School website (see Academics/Academic Calendar). Copies of deadline dates and related forms and materials are also available in the Editorial Office, HUB 224B. These deadlines are firm – missing a deadline could delay your graduation and may require additional registration. Additional deadline dates are issued by the College of the Arts and the Digital Worlds Institute.

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