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First-Year Review

The first-year MA in DAS review is part of an overall system of evaluation in the graduate program at UF. Although a student must maintain a 3.0 GPA overall, she/he must also pass the first-year review in order to continue in his/her program of study. The student should be aware that the criteria and determination made at the review is not reflective of his/her grades or GPA at the time of the review. The first-year review is a crucial component of the Masters degree, as all graduate students are expected to demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on their assimilated knowledge in the field, as well as outline their research interests before proceeding forward with the graduate degree.

At Digital Worlds, the first-year review committee is made up of DW Faculty and the Institute Director. The first-year review of student’s progress takes place at the end of the first year of graduate study (or at the end of the semester in which the student gains 18 UF graduate credits) to determine the student’s fitness for continuation in the program.

The first-year review committee will schedule a meeting with the student to hear his/her thesis proposal presentation and to discuss their performance during the first year. During the review meeting, the committee will converse with the student about his/her thesis presentation and graduate work. Following this discussion, the committee will meet without the student present to discuss the student’s presentation and progress in the program. The committee will then recommend one of the following three possible outcomes (based on majority vote) to the DW Director:

    The student’s performance meets the standards expected during the first year of graduate study and they may continue on to their second year and/or final 18 hours.
    If the student’s performance does not meet the standards expected in the graduate program to pass on to the second year, a re-review may be scheduled to allow the student an opportunity to remove any identified deficiencies. The re-review must take place prior to the beginning of the following semester (fall/spring). Should the deficiencies be removed at the time of the re-review, Option 1 would then apply.
    If the student’s performance does not meet the standards expected in the graduate program to pass on to the second year, at the determination of the first-year review committee, the student may be dismissed from the program based on unsatisfactory completion of the first-year review (no re-review). 

The committee will caucus to discuss the review without the student present, complete a ballot, and turn the ballot in to the Graduate Coordinator. Following the vote, the committee will meet with the student to discuss their recommendations and give the student salient feedback about his/her work.

Students will receive unofficial notification of the results of the review within 5 business days following the review. All students will receive official continuance notification from the Graduate Coordinator prior to the end of the spring semester.

Those students who will be continuing on to their second year of study must name a Supervisory Committee and file the Supervisory Committee Form with the Graduate Coordinator by the end of the semester. The Supervisory Committee Form will be placed in the student’s academic folder. (Note: The student may make changes in her/his Supervisory Committee before the start of the final semester.)

The Re-Review Process
If the student is asked to re-review by their First-Year Review Committee, the re-review will be scheduled prior to the start of the following (fall/spring) semester’s classes. 

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