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DW Online Preview

The UF Digital Worlds (DW) Institute is excited to welcome you to our innovative online program. Starting your time as a Gator can feel overwhelming, especially as an online student with many questions running through your head. 

To be sure all your questions are answered, and you are well informed about our culture here at DW, we invite you to join us June 14th from 7 pm - 8 pm (EST) for an Online Preview (orientation). 

This live online introduction will cover a number of important topics:

  • Fall classes
  • Equipment requirements for synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Available online resources
  • Institutional expectation and values
  • Online cohort community

It is highly recommended that join us for this event live through video conference. This is to ensure you receive the most engaging experience and to test your sense of taking an online synchronous course in real time. Please register below. More information will be sent as we move closer to the event.

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