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Student-created and managed, the DAS Mentorship Program develops opportunities for incoming students at the Digital Worlds Institute to be guided through the many facets of being a DAS student by a junior or senior DAS mentor. Mentors assist mentees in various areas, including networking, portfolio preparation, time management, study skills, personal growth, and professional development. Student mentors and mentees have the opportunity to earn points towards a graduation cord. 

Mentor Qualifications

  • Minimum GPA of 3.2
  • BA in Digital Arts & Sciences Major
  • Junior or Senior standing
  • Successfully DAS Admission Portfolio Review

Mentee Qualification

  • BA in Digital Arts & Sciences Major
  • Freshman or Sophomore standing
  • Pre-Portfolio Submission

Timeline 2022

  • Jan 18 - Info Session (@ 5pm)
  • Jan 21 - Mentor/Mentee Applicaiton is due
  • Jan 23 - Mentor Announcement
  • Jan 27 - Mentor Orientation
  • Jan 28 - Mentor/Mentee Pairing Announcement
  • Jan 31 - Kickoff Event

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