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Frequently Asked Questions about the online BA in Digital Arts & Sciences degree program.

About the Program
What will I learn in the BADAS program?

The BA in DAS degree crosses traditional college boundaries between the arts, communications, and engineering. Students will become versed in contemporary issues in social and interactive media, critical thinking, and creative design solutions. The BADAS undergraduate will gain experience working in collaborative teams on media projects including 2D and 3D animation, digital production, game design and development, digital storytelling and communication. 

What career paths are available for BADAS graduates?

BADAS students will be competitive for 21st-century careers in sectors of the entertainment, technology, media, and communications industries such as digital animation, technical art and systems design, marketing and public relations, game design and development and the plethora of emergent fields increasingly using interactive digital media content and technologies.

Jobs include:
Animator, Architectural Modeler, Art Director, Compositor, Concept Artist, Creative Director, Digital Photographer, Digital Storyteller, Game Designer, Information Designer, Interaction Designer, Media Director, Motion Graphics Designer, Moviemaker, Music And Sound Designer, Producer, Production Artist, Program Manager, Project Manager, Projection Designer, Social Media Developer, Stop Motion Animator, Storyboard Artist, Studio Artist, Television & Film Animator, Video Editor, Visual Effects Artist, Web Designer

What technologies and software packages will I learn to use?
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • For animation: Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender
  • For game development: Unreal Developer's Kit, Unity3D, Torque
  • For systems design: Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, Python
  • For audio design: ProTools, PureData
Are there networking or internship opportunities?

BADAS Online students are encouraged to use the UF Career Resource Center (CRC). Students can choose to attend Career Showcase events on campus. Additionally the Career Resource Center (CRC) has a variety of services available online including the award-winning CHOMP program, which assists students in determining potential majors and careers. The UF CRC is routinely ranked in the top five university career centers nationally.

Tools available for Undergrad Students:

  • Résumé and cover letter critique
  • Employer information sessions
  • Mock interviews
  • Online tools to research companies
  • Professional development workshops
  • Internship opportunities

Career Resource Center (CRC)
J. Wayne Reitz Union

Allie Ricker          
Assistant Director for Career Exploration and Education
College of the Arts CRC Liaison

Online Specific Questions
How is the BADAS online program different from other online programs?

The online BADAS degree offers off-campus students the same caliber of education our on-campus students receive.  Our state-of-the-art classroom has multi-stream video-conferencing technology, which immerses online students into a traditional teaching setting.  DW’s hybrid approach to learning — where online students are integrated into on-campus environments — makes the institute a leader in synthesizing technology and education.

The Online/On-Campus Research Classroom (ORC):

  • Opened in 2014 to provide online students an immersive classroom experience
  • Facilitates real-time learning, where online and on-campus students can interact with instructors and classmates
  • Records lectures from multiple viewpoints and with superior audio quality
  • Allows online students to participate in live class discussions and watch recorded lectures within 24 hours
Will my diploma and transcript mention that my degree is online?

Your diploma and transcript will be indistinguishable from the diploma and transcript that students who complete all courses residentially receive.

If there are available seats in an on-campus course, can a BADAS Online student register for that course?

No. The goal of the BADAS Online degree is to deliver courses exclusively online.

What is the difference between Real Time (RT) and Your Own Time (YOT) participation?

As an online BADAS student, you are encouraged to attend your classes synchronously in what we call Real Time (RT).  Our most successful students have already demonstrated the added value for Real Time interaction with the instructor and all of the other campus students via live streaming video. Real Time provides and sustains a dynamic interactive community that supports collaboration and enhanced achievement.

If you are unable to do this for all BADAS classes in any given semester, you may participate on Your Own Time (YOT) on a course-by-course basis. This means that you will be working asynchronously, but will still be required to keep in step with the on-campus class throughout each semester in terms of when assignments and tests are due. On-campus lectures and interactions are captured and then posted for YOT students within 24-48 hours of each live class session.

How will I access academic advisement?

Online students can contact our academic advisors by phone, email, and Skype. Email is often easier, quicker, and is generally answered the same day it is received.

What is the tuition cost for the BADAS Online degree?

BADAS Online students pay $206.76 per credit hour, including university fees. This tuition rate is the same regardless of residency.

What services, programs and activities can a BADAS online student at the University of Florida access?

Most current services, programs, and activities are accessible to online students through websites or other modes of communication such as email. In addition, the University of Florida is creating programs designed specifically for online students to build community and to offer professional development opportunities.

Can online students access UF libraries?

Yes. Online students have full access to all library services just like any other UF student. The Services for Distance Learning page outlines how distance students can access and use library services and materials. Online students in the Gainesville area can use the libraries and check out materials in person.

Can online students access UF health services?

They can access the self-help materials on the Counseling and Wellness Center website.

Can online students use the UF recreation and fitness centers?

Since online students do not pay the Activity and Services fees, they do not have automatic access to the Rec Centers.

If online students are in Gainesville, FL, can they access on-campus resources?

While online students do not have access to the student rec centers and other facilities supported by student fees, online students are always welcome on campus. All students are invited and encouraged to participate in non-fee supported activities and events.

Can I be a BADAS Online student as an incoming freshman?

No, the BADAS Online degree starts at upper-division coursework. Students must meet the minimum transfer requirements for UF. 

What are the minimum transfer requirements for UF?

A transfer applicant is an undergraduate student with at least 60 transferrable semester credit hours and that has not earned a Bachelor’s degree. Visit the UF Admissions Office website for the minimum transfer requirements.

Are there prerequisite courses that I need to have taken prior to applying?

Yes. Transfer students should have taken the following courses in order to be considered for admission to the program:

  • ARH2050 – Art History 1
  • ARH2051 – Art History 2
  • ARH2000 – Art Appreciation
  • MAC1140 – Pre-Calculus

Freshman applicants to UF interested in the BA in DAS should complete all general education requirements, including these prerequisite courses, during the first two years of study.  The DAS advisor is available to meet with freshmen and sophomores for course-planning assistance, though all lower-division students must still meet with their assigned academic advisor. 

Does DW participate in the PaCE Program?

No, Digital Worlds does not partipate in the PaCE Program. 

Do I have to submit a secondary Portfolio Application in addition to my Admissions Application?

Yes, to be accepted into this program you must also apply directly to the Digital Worlds Institute via portfolio application. Please complete the portfolio application linked below, and return it to Digital Worlds by the published deadlines. This is strictly enforced. Late applications will not be accepted.

Our BADAS Online program is limited access. Having the minimum GPA, prerequisite coursework, and portfolio does NOT guarantee admission. Admission decisions are primarily determined by competitive portfolio review. The Digital Worlds Institute will not accept students whose portfolio does not demonstrate sufficient ability to achieve success within the BA in Digital Arts & Sciences program at the junior/senior level.

What should I include in my Portfolio Application?

In order to be admitted, you are required to assemble a collection of materials. This portfolio should contain your best and most recent work. The entire application helps the Digital Worlds faculty to evaluate your achievements, as well as artistic and academic potential.

Personal Statement of Intent
A Personal Statement of Intent (PSI) refers to an original document created by the applicant that details their interests, motivations, and rationale in seeking acceptance into the BA in DAS program. Said statement should be between one and two pages in length, and demonstrate not only serious intent to pursue the program, but also writing ability appropriate for an upper division student at a major American university. 

Your resume provides additional insight into your background and may possibly help the evaluation committee understand your work, statement, and motivations.

Supplemental Support Material
Supplemental Support Material (SSM) refers to a body of original creative or technical work authored, documented, and presented in a contemporary digital format. The SSM would contain examples of the best original work they have done prior to seeking admittance to the BA in DAS program. This could be work completed as part of their previous education, or original work completed outside of the classroom demonstrating passion and accomplishment in the general area they intend to pursue in the BA in DAS program. 

How do I submit my Portfolio Application?

Digital Worlds applicants submit a web-based portfolio to UF’s SlideRoom portal

  • There is a $10 submission fee that you pay online after you set up and review your portfolio.
  • Images and videos can be labeled and ordered after they are uploaded. Include the title of the work, medium, size and date. You may also include the URL for your website.

Maximum file sizes:
images: .jpg, .png or .gif – 2 MB each. For good image quality and fast upload, your image files should be sized no larger than 1280 x 1280 px @ 72 dpi.
video - .mov, .wmv, .flv – up to 20 MB;
PDF - 10 MB per document.

Please see SlideRoom for additional instruction for submitting work. For technical assistance, contact

When can I apply to the program?

Apply to the University by March 1; submit Digital Worlds-specific materials by March 15.  

When will admission decisions be announced?

If all application materials are complete at both the Office of Admissions and the Digital Worlds Institute, students will receive official notice from the College of the Arts on or around the end of April. 

How can I visit Digital Worlds?

Digital Worlds Institute tours are generally scheduled for the 2nd Friday of each month between 1pm to 2:30pm. For additional questions, please email or call the REVE Front Desk at (352) 294-2000. CLICK HERE to request a tour date. 

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