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BADAS Mentorship Program

Our student-led peer mentoring organization in Digital Worlds promotes growth through a mentor/mentee approach, teaching skills needed for effective mentorship and encouraging sharing of experiences. We prioritize qualities like enthusiasm, accountability, and honesty to build successful relationships and support the abilities and futures of our members.

Gator eSports

The mission of Gator Esports is to cultivate a vibrant esports community at the University of Florida (UF) by creating a supportive and inclusive environment for students. We aim to offer opportunities for collaboration, skill development, and engagement in collegiate-level competitions within the esports realm. Our goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and passion for gaming among the UF student body, while also promoting teamwork and leadership skills through participation in various esports activities and events.

BADAS Society

The Bachelors of Arts and Digital Arts and Sciences Society was created to bring together University of Florida students interested in or pursuing Digital Arts and Sciences, so they may collaborate alongside multi-talented students with backgrounds in programming, writing, and gaming design. While most members are DAS majors, anyone interested in the digital arts is welcome to join.

Gator User Design

Gator User Design is a student organization that desires to develop the technical skills of students interested in UX/UI/product design. The organization hosts workshops, guest speakers, socials and more.

Animation Club

Gator Animation Club is all about helping people understand, appreciate, and learn any form of animation. The organization shares resources, helps members build their animation skills, and hosts social events.


Gator VR gives students the opportunity to work with and learn about VR, AR and XR. Students will learn more about the topics through group projects, guest speaker presentations and even participate in various hackathons such as SwampHacks and MIT Reality Hack together as a group. All majors are welcome.

Virtual Production Club

Unlock your creative potential and join the excitement of virtual storytelling! Dive into a world of innovation and imagination by becoming a part of the all-new Virtual Production Club at the UF Digital Worlds Institute. Discover cutting-edge technologies, collaborate with like-minded peers, and bring your wildest ideas to life on the digital stage. Join us today and embark on a journey where the boundaries of reality are limited only by your imagination

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