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Digital Worlds Institute

Masters in Digital Arts & Sciences (MiDAS)


DIG6751C: Protocols for Multimedia Interfaces

Demonstrate Understanding of the various protocols for contemporary software tools needed to create interactive environments.

DIG6027C: Digital Storytelling

Apply linear and non-linear storytelling techniques to AR/VR worlds.

DIG6050C: Entertainment Technology

Create and apply simulation, physics, and dynamics programming for AR/VR across entertainment platforms

DIG6125C: Digital Design and Visualization

Learn and Apply design thinking and visualization/sound skills to virtual and augmented environments.

DIG6126C: Interaction Design

Learn techniques for digital compositing and user-experience for interactive installations.

DIG6358C: Applied 3D Modeling
DIG6744C: Movement, Media and Machines

Explore integration models between programs, human interaction, devices, and hardware systems.

DIG6840C: Interdisciplinary Research
DIG6850C: Digital Arts & Sciences Convergence

Design and code content for variable display & network-based delivery systems. (Social Networking)

DIG6972C: Capstone Project

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