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  • LiveVibe TV Season 4 Episode 2

    Alex Avelino will host Season 4 Episode 2 of LiveVibe TV, “The Power of Song: Music by Living Composer,” on Thursday, April 2 at 7:30 p.m. EST at the UF Digital Worlds Institute’s REVE in historic Norman Gym.

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  • DW’s Diana Reichenbach presents at Singapore’s fulldome symposium

    Digital Worlds professor Diana Reichenbach will journey to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to present her fulldome films at the “DESIGNING FOR DOMES: FINDING THE CENTER” symposium. The symposium is set to take place March 26-28, 2015. Fulldome media, presented in a planetarium format, is a form of immersive art that captures the attention of viewers and immerses them in the moment. Reichenbach will discuss the evolution of her interest in seeking immersion for audiences through fulldome, projection mapping and architectural installations in both her independent and commercial work.

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  • New YouTube Series Highlights the Student Experience at Digital Worlds

    Digital Worlds recently added several compelling new student-centric videos to its YouTube channel. In addition to a fast-paced overview of the lifestyle and collaborative environment prospective students can expect in the BADAS program, new interviews with recent graduates give a more reflective description of the overall interdisciplinary learning experience. The featured Digital Worlds graduates share their favorite classes taught at DW, emphasize how the Institute helped prepare them for their careers and advise prospective students to take advantage of DW’s available resources to succeed in the profession.

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