Digital Worlds Institute

BA in Digital Arts & Sciences

Students / BADAS Mentorship Program

Our mission at the BADAS Mentorship Program is to empower new students at the Digital Worlds Institute by providing them with growth opportunities through mentorship. We aim to pair them with experienced mentors who offer guidance and support in a variety of areas, including networking, portfolio building, time management, study skills, personal growth, and professional development. We foster regular communication and engagement between mentors and mentees to ensure ongoing progress towards achieving their goals. 

Our Core Values: empower, growth, guidance and support 


  • Mentor/Mentee Training
  • Workshops
  • Guest Speakers
  • Mixers to create Mentorship Pairings
  • Bonding Retreats 

Mentor Qualifications

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • BA in Digital Arts & Sciences Major
  • Junior or Senior standing
  • Successfully DAS Admission Portfolio Review

Mentee Qualification

  • BA in Digital Arts & Sciences Major
  • Freshman/Sophomore/Transfer Junior Standing
  • Pre-Portfolio Submission

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