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At the College of the Arts, momentum is taking many forms. The Digital Worlds Institute boasts leading-edge digital arts and sciences education at the intersection of design, technology and communications. In addition to in-demand educational offerings, the Institute’s research and creative output are helping to shape international conversations in interactive digital media.

In the late 1990s, University of Florida leadership recognized the need to bring together diverse disciplines to create a hub for digital arts and technology. Today, the Digital Worlds Institute is a vibrant interdisciplinary center where faculty, staff and students collaborate with engineers, scientists, artists and designers from across UF as well as industry partners. While many digital media programs nationwide are located in engineering, communications or computer science, the Digital Worlds Institute chose to be housed within the College of the Arts—fueling its mission and offerings with the visionary creative activity that has always marked artistic disciplines. What has emerged is not solely an arts, technology or production program—but a nationally unique fusion of all three, positioned within a top-tier research university.

"Our society is increasingly transformed by the digital—and this Institute stands at the forefront of what these spaces looklike and how they can unlock our deepest, most positive,human potentials." - Dean Onye Ozuzu

With backing from emerging technology funders, an established pipeline to UF’s leading patent and licensing office and a growing portfolio of industry partnerships, the Digital Worlds Institute is preparing students for 21st century careers at the vanguard of interactive digital media design and production.


PREAMBLE: The UF Digital Worlds community of students, faculty, staff, and supporters is committed to promoting and exemplifying these core values: 
Excellence – We have an ongoing commitment to the pursuit of intellectual rigor and creativity, through continuous improvement, accountability, and empowerment for every member of our community to do their best work. 
Inclusion – We welcome participation and contributions from people of all identities, backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives, providing equitable access to equal opportunities. Our diversity enhances collaboration, culture, discovery, and innovation and is supported by civility, respect, constructive feedback, and freedom from judgment. 
Interdisciplinary Collaboration – We prepare students for careers in the creative and technology sectors at the intersection of the digital arts & sciences. Our multi-faceted environment facilitates productive teamwork, and our faculty and staff lead by example to provide role models for students in the active pursuit of creative and cultural innovation. 
Discovery and Innovation – In our classrooms, studios, and labs our creative risk-taking empowers the dynamics processes of teaching, learning, research, scholarship, and innovation to move our craft forward. We strive to embody and impart an entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding work ethic to all members of our community. 
Community Engagement – We support and continue to grow a creative community within our own Institute, and to aid and engage the local, national, and global communities around us. Our talents, resources, and skills arrive at their highest forms when put into service to others. 

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