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Research, Education, and Visualization Environment (REVE)

The REVE is our teaching, research and development facility in Old Norman Gym.  Its spaces are designed for research and education, and feature collaborative environments with numerous technological capabilities.

  • Polymodal Immersive Classroom Theater (PICT): This large-scale, panoramic theater immerses audiences of up to 50 people into film screenings, interactive games and classroom presentations. The space can also be used for high-end receptions, online business meetings, and film and television screenings.
  • Virtual Production Studio (VPS): This open-space studio is fit for collaborative work and features a large green screen, large white cyc, motion capture and audio and video recording technologies.
  • Digital Media Suite (DMS): This suite includes a variety of production and post-production systems, like digital video editing and compositing-to-audio, animation and post-production processing capabilities.
  • The Online/On-Campus Research Classroom (ORC): This high-tech classroom is designed to facilitate interactive, real-time learning with both on-campus and online Digital Arts & Sciences students.

Serious & Applied Gaming Environment (SAGE)

The recently renovated SAGE 413 is built for 21st-century teaching and learning:  It boasts a three-screen rear projection display and collaborative space for game design and interactive learning. With classes like 3D Animation and Modeling being taught there, it has become the epicenter for interdisciplinary student work in creating serious and applied gaming environments, using tools like the KINECT and other new devices and software being pioneered at UF Digital Worlds.

Digital Worlds Administration Office (Admin)

The Administration office for Digital Worlds is in Fine Arts Building A, room 102.  

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