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Digital Epigraphy

DW Professor and Collaborative Team Awarded National Grant for Research in Digital Epigraphy

The Digital Epigraphy Toolbox is an open-source cross-platform web-application designed to facilitate the digital preservation, study, and electronic dissemination of ancient inscriptions. It allows epigraphists to digitize in 3D their epigraphic squeezes using our novel cost-effective technique, which overcomes the limitations of the current methods for digitizing epigraphic data in 2-dimensions only.

The proposed toolbox contains several options for 3D visualization of inscriptions as well as a set of scientific tools for analyzing the lettering techniques and performing quantitative analysis of the letterform variations. Furthermore, the users have the option to share their data as well as to search for other uploaded collections of 3D inscriptions in a semi-supervised dynamic library. This dynamic library is organized thematically according to language, area of origin, and date and will contain a comprehensive record of the inscription in the form of plain text, 3D model, 2D photographs, and other epigraphic information.

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