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Grand Guard

Grand Guard, Portraits in Digital Media

University of Florida Alums return - 50 years after graduation.

As a tribute to the UF graduates of the post WWII era, Digital Worlds (DW) and students in the Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) program partnered with the UF Foundation to create original digital movies. Alumni from the graduating classes of 1952 and 1953 shared their college memories and love for their Alma Mater, and UF students from the graduating classes of 2003 and 2004 created original works of digital media to honor their forebears. The movies premiered at special banquets on the UF campus when the Alums returned to be inducted into the ranks of the Grand Guard, a prestigious element of the UF community.

Project principals included Adam Portnow (video editor 2002 and '03), Eric Wilson (computer animation '02), Andy Quay (technical director 2002 and '03), Arturo Sinclair (director and animator 2003), Joella Walz (producer 2003) and James Oliverio (executive producer 2002 and '03).

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