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Integrated Situational Awareness System

The Integrated Situation Awareness System enhances decision-making effectiveness when managing potentially life-threatening situations. Researchers at Digital Worlds have designed a system that combines a variety of inputs, including live video feeds, federated databases, security systems, and satellite imagery, simultaneously, to augment the decision maker's situational awareness. Essentially, this ISAS is designed for public safety, wide-area environmental monitoring, law-enforcement and anti-terror purposes.

In a complex and rapidly-changing situation, decision-makers need constant access to timely, accurate, and comprehensible information. To bring a situation to the desired resolution in the shortest possible time, resources must be deployed strategically as critical decisions are being made. The Integrated Situational Awareness System (ISAS) combines a wide variety of inputs, including live video feeds, databases, securety systems and satallite imagery simultaniously, to augment the decision-makers' situational awareness.

The Officer in the field uses an augmented vision system, to share real-time information with the ISAS Operator at the remote command center. The Operator then supplies the Decision Maker with real-time data as requested. The Decision Maker makes swift corralations and is better able to direct the dynamic relationship between resources and desired outcomes. The Officer is accompanied by 4 Micro Aerial Vehicles called a "Halo". The Halo can be controlled by the officer or by the ISAS Operator. The Operator can also control a larger group of MAVs called a "Swarm". Each MAV in the Swarm is able to carry out a variety of sensing functions to help augment the Decision Makers' decisional awareness.

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