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Non Divisi

Non Divisi, an International Distributed Collaboration in the Performing Arts

On October 15, 2003 the University of Florida's Digital Worlds Institute offered two performance/demonstrations of the real-time distributed collaboration "Non Divisi" (a musical term meaning "not divided") joining co-creators from three continents at the Indiana State Museum for Internet2 Fall 2003.

Dancers in Korea rehearsed and performed with musicians, dancers and engineers in North and South America to demonstrate how telepresence can effectively empower multi-national collaborations in the performing arts. These performances were part of the ongoing work of Digital Worlds in growing an international network of Access Grid nodes and Internet2 members interested in creating new works of multi-national music and dance. Other partners included Korean Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST)Sejong UniversityRed Universitaria Nacional (REUNA), and New World School of the Arts (NWSA) with major support from Staff at Internet2.

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