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The Faux Taxi

The Faux Taxi - Sound Image Light In Collaborative Arts

The first emanation of ++silica entity took place April 3, 2003 at the 12th annual Florida Electro-acoustic Festival. This incarnation of ++silica entity, brainchild of Patrick Pagano, a graduate student in the Digital Arts and Sciences, featured a unique collaboration with undergraduate wunderkind, Adam Portnow, a senior in the Digital Arts and Sciences program. The presentation included immersive 5.1 digital audio paired with Access Grid technology to deliver high quality video from the Digital Worlds Institute laboratory in CISE 413 to the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Black Box Theater in real time.

++silica entity, the performance vehicle of SILICA, was an interdisciplinary ensemble of transmedia DAS sound & video designers operating as a portable television show- AmbienTV. Real-time distributive performances were to be regarded as "periodic episodics." Free in performing conception but directed by a shared "pallet" of audio and video source material, ++silica entity attempted to explore generative audio and video collaboration worldwide. "Rehearsed" by a shared structure process, then released into specified parameters to interact, ++silica entity existed only during performance, redefining 'improvisation' as it pertained to distributive & collaborative digital works.

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