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The Messenger

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra presented "The Messenger"

A Collaborative Work with new Music Visualization Technology

"The Messenger" was specially commissioned by the PSO for soloist Timothy Adams. It was a Concerto for "Batterie" (an old French term with no English equivalent, referring to both timpani and percussion instruments). The soloist actuated the images created by Steve Walker (Director of Visual Effects at Turner Studios in Atlanta) as he performed the new orchestral score by James Oliverio (Director of the Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida). The computer programming by Andy Quay (Associate Director, Digital Worlds ) utilized new music visualization techniques being developed at the Digital Worlds Institute.

As Performed by The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra:

  James Oliverio - Music and Concept
  Osmo Vanska - Conductor
  Timothy Adams - Soloist
  Andy Quay - Computer Programming
  Steve Walker - Digital Visualization

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