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Non-Major Course Request Form

Please fill out this request form, which will be sent electronically to Phillip Herr-Klepacki, Undergraduate Advisor for Digital Worlds Institute. Once our Digital Arts and Sciences majors have finished registration, we will begin processing requests from non-majors. We will use the same priority ordering the university assigns to you during advanced registration. Please note: as space in many courses is limited, there are no guarantees of access to any of the classes.

Important Information:

  • Submitting the request form does not guarantee you will be registered for a course that is already closed.
  • Be sure you have cleared all of your holds and please ensure you do not have any course conflicts.
  • Your request will not be processed nor will you be notified if you have a HOLD on your records.
  • Please use a separate course request for each semester in which you are requesting courses (e.g. summer A and fall).

Entries accepted until August 25, 2023 @ 11:59 pm

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