Digital Worlds Institute

BA in Digital Arts & Sciences (UF Online)

Explore the Edge of Digital Production, Animation, and Game Design.

The Program

The interdisciplinary field of Digital Arts & Sciences is ideal for students whose intellectual and creative energies are not confined to traditional academic disciplines.

The BA in Digital Arts & Sciences (BADAS) degree provides graduates with the technical, creative, collaborative, and critical-thinking skills that are highly prized by 21st-century employers in the entertainment, communications, and technology sectors. BADAS students gain experience working in project-based classes in team-oriented environments, reflecting the dynamic of the modern professional industries that they will enter after graduation.

Online Learning

The UF Online BADAS degree offers online students the same caliber of education as traditional campus students receive. Our state-of-the-art classrooms immerse online students in a traditional teaching setting. DW’s hybrid approach to learning — where online students are integrated into campus environments promoting project-based active learning — makes the institute a leader in blending technology and education.

UF Online’s Digital Arts and Sciences program allows for convenience. Finish your bachelor’s degree where it is most convenient for you — for a fraction of the cost of comparable programs.

Designed for students whose commitments make traditional campus attendance impractical, our online program stands at the forefront, providing flexible academic options with the same elite faculty and rigor that makes us a leading university and top research institution. We connect people with opportunities, remove barriers and set the standard for online higher education. UF Online graduates earn the same elite degree they would receive on campus, and they will be at the top of the list for the best employers in the country. 

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