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Serious & Applied Gaming Environments

Building on the success of recent interactive media projects and the emergence of modern gaming technology in the education sphere, the UF Digital Worlds Institute has created the Serious & Applied Gaming Environments (SAGE) initiative. The newly revitalized SAGE is built for 21st-century teaching and learning; it boasts a three-screen rear projection display and collaborative space for game design and interactive learning. With classes like 3D Animation and Modeling, this interdisciplinary space has become an epicenter for creating serious and applied gaming environments using tools like the KINECT and other new devices and software pioneered at UF Digital Worlds.

SAGE Portfolio

The GAP Project

The GAP Project (Gaming Against Plagiarism) is a collaborative project between the University of Florida Marston Science Librarians and the UF Digital Worlds Institute. The GAP prototype consists of three mini-games that when played sequentially support understanding and appreciation of the issues involved in ethical conduct related to intellectual property. To read more about the project, Click Here

HAPNAN Project

HAPNAN (Use of Haptics in a Virtual Reality Environment for Learning of Nanotechnology ) is an innovative and exciting educational tool geared toward middle school students. It is a collaborative effort between the University of Florida (UF) Digital Worlds Institute and UF professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Nanotechnology expert, Dr. Curtis Taylor.  HapNan involves the merging of nanotechnology with haptics. To read more about the project, Click Here

Exploring Ancient Egypt

The Digital Worlds Institute faculty collaborated on the creation of a new interactive experience for young museum visitors entitled Exploring Ancient Egypt. Working across disciplines, including computer programming, 2D and 3D art and animation, music and sound design and interactive narrative, the DW faculty team created the original interactive experience to allow up to four simultaneous players to explore various scenarios based on themes inspired by ancient Egypt. It recently debuted at the South Florida Science Center in West Palm Beach. To read more about the project, Click Here

Legends of Antiquity

To read more about the project, Click Here

Pangea and the Age of the Dinosaurs

To read more about the project, Click Here

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