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The Technology Support Center provides computer support for Digital Worlds students who access Visimeet, lecture recordings, student equipment, facilities and other technology-based resources.

Need Help

For computer assistance related to Visimeet, lecture recordings, student equipment, and facilities request please Submit a Help Ticket or email  

For support related to account services, technical consulting, mobile device services, software services, administrative support, application support center, and learning support services, please contact the UF Computer Help Desk available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 352-392-4357 or

All students must review and adhere to UF's Acceptable Use Policy and Computing Standards.

Course Registration
Real-Time Sections

Real-Time online sections are live sessions in which students participate synchronously with a traditional course on campus. Students join the course virtually via Zoom video conferencing software with the ability to ask the instructor questions and engage with campus students. Real-Time sections are ideal for studio-style courses with classroom learning activities, group projects, and collaborative and cooperative participation.

Aside from needing a computer or laptop, Real-Time students are required to have a working webcam and headset microphone throughout the semester. For more information on the equipment necessary for Real-Time sections please click here.

Real-Time students will have the same expectation of our campus students.

  • We expect each student to be on time and present for every class.
  • To be considered present in class, webcams and headset microphones must be on and working for the duration of the class.
  • Each student should participate in class discussions, give peer feedback, and answer the instructor's questions.

Watch the promo video below, which highlights our OnLine/OnCampus Research Classroom (ORC). 

Your Own Time Sections

Your Own Time sections are asynchronous online sections. Asynchronous sections let students complete their work on their own time. Students are given a timeframe, typically within a one-week window, during which they need to view the lecture recordings and submit class discussions and assignments. Lecture recordings for all Your Own Time sections will be accessible via e-Learning

DW Schedule of Courses

The current schedule of DW courses is linked below. 

DW Schedule of Courses

Zoom Video Conferencing
About Zoom

Zoom is an easy to use video conferencing service that is now available to all students, faculty, and staff at UF for meetings, collaboration, and just to connect with other people. Any user with a Zoom account can create Zoom meetings that can accommodate up to 100 participants. In addition to individual accounts, webinar rooms of 100, 300, 500, and 1000 "seats" are available to be scheduled. Zoom is also available in Canvas for instructors to use in their courses.

Start Using Zoom Pro

Go to

Click on "Sign In" to view your Zoom profile or;

Click on "Host a Meeting" or "Join a Meeting" to start using Zoom.

For first-time users, the web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download by visiting

Equipment Requirements


Built-in webcams are acceptable, however in case you don’t have a built in camera we recommend the following camera.

  • Logitech HD Webcam - C525


A microphone headset is a must for any real time student. We do not allow the use of built-in microphones, because they do not provide consistent clear audio. In the case you do not already own a pair of headphones with a mic, we recommend the following as an option.

  • Logitech Cleat Chat Comfort Headset – H390

In addition to having a webcam and headset microphone, we recommend a dual monitor setup. Having two monitors will make taking classes online in real time much easier. Having one monitor with the class video conference and the second monitor with the program the instructor is walking through will make following along in class much easier.

We require that all equipment is to be tested and ready before the start of the semester to ensure any technical issues are resolved ahead of time.

Joining Classes
Lecture Recordings
Accessing Lecture Recordings

All video lectures are uploaded within 24-48 hours to the students Canvas, and are available for students to view by logging into e-Learning.

Computer Requirements
UF Student Computing Requirements

Please visit the University of Florida student computing requirements page for additional information.

Digital Worlds Computing Requirements

DW requires that students have access to and on-going use of a laptop for DIG courses in order to be able to function in the current learning environment. Some courses will require the use of laptops for coursework. Students are required to access electronic forms of information, submit assignments and communicate with other students and faculty electronically. DW requires each student’s laptop to meet certain minimum specs for heavy graphics use, the requirements documented below must be met.

DW Minimum Spec Requirement

New Student Buyer's Guide

As new students prepare to make the transition into becoming full BADAS students, Digital Worlds (DW) has a list of personal gear and equipment that we recommend you acquire for your time in the degree program and for your future digital arts & sciences career. 

The New Student Buyer’s Guide was constructed with individual DW courses and assignments in mind. Many of these courses will occur during your 1st semester, including DIG3525C - Design & Production 1 and DIG3305C - 3D Animation.

Purchasing these items allows students to have their own gear for educational and personal use, especially since the amount of equipment resources DW can loan out to students is limited. Of course, students are welcome to use equipment they already own or to purchase higher spec items beyond what is listed on the Buyer’s Guide. At this time, the equipment in this Buyer’s Guide is not required but highly recommended for the benefit of your educational experience in this degree program. 

New Student Buyer's Guide 

Student Resources
Student Render Machines

VR-ready Student Machines available for editing/rendering reservation.


  • Reserve
    • To reserve a machine, visit the Digital Worlds REVE Front Desk (RFD) with a specific future date in mind. They will check to see if a machine is available during that time slot and will sign you up accordingly. The max reservation time limit per machine is 24 hours. If no one has signed up to use the machine after your reservation has ended, you may continue to use it.
  • Walk-Ins
    • If you don’t have a reservation for one of the machines, stop by the RFD to see if one is available for walk-in use.
  • User Accounts
    • User accounts (based on UF Gatorlink login) will be deleted bi-weekly. Please plan to retrieve your project files and renders by flash drive / cloud storage as soon as they are completed. Do not rely on local machine storage to hold your data.
  • Availability
    • This semester, Student Machines will be available M-F, 8AM-6PM 
  • Software currently installed:
    • Adobe CC 2018, Maya 2017, Maya 2018, Unity 2018, Microsoft Office 2016
    • If you require additional plugins, please speak directly with Ethan Tripp


Mobile App Development Environment (MADE) at UF is a university initiative to provide students with the necessary equipment and training to develop mobile, virtual reality, and augmented reality applications. MADE@UF is equipped with a variety of different devices and software. Learn more about available devices and software.

Organizations may request to hold an event in the MADE@UF space by filling out the reservation request form. To see upcoming events, or to determine an available date for your event, please view the lab calendar. If you have any questions about the space, feel free to email Samuel Putnam at

Where is it located?

MADE@UF is located on the ground floor of the Marston Science Library and Infinity Hall. For library hours, visit the Marston Science Library site.

Who can use MADE@UF?

MADE@UF is open to all students with a valid UF ID.

How can you participate?

Every user of MADE@UF needs to check out a room key, good for a 4-hour block, at the Marston Science Library service desk (main entrance). The first time you check out a key, you will need to sign a copy of the MADE@UF agreement forms. Once you have an agreement on file, you will receive a small sticker on your ID to show that you are authorized to use the room.

Oculus Rifts to be used in MADE@UF are available for checkout at the Marston Science Library service desk.

Computers and devices currently are first come, first served. Single users are encouraged to use the individual computers to save the large tables for groups.


The MADE@UF space has the following resources for checkout and use:


  • 2 collaboration pods with seating for 4 with a Mac Mini connected to a 55-inch 1080p monitor
  • 1 collaboration pod with seating for 8 with a Mac Mini connected to a 70-inch 1080p monitor
  • 2 collaboration pods with seating for 4 with connections for your own devices
  • 4 single-user stations, each with a Mac Mini and 1080p monitor
  • 2 pairs of Google Glass
  • 2 pairs of Epson Movarios
  • 2 Oculus Rifts

Coming in Fall 2017

  • 4 Oculus Rifts with Touch controllers
  • 2 HTC Vives
  • 2 Microsoft Hololens
  • 4 Gear VR Headsets
  • 4 Google Daydreams
  • 10 360Fly 4k cameras (for checkout outside of Made@UF)
Student Equipment Checkout

Camera and lighting equipment available for checkout.

(6) Canon Rebel T6 Kit
(1) Canon Rebel T5 Kit
(1) Canon SL1 Kit
(6) Neweer Lighting Kit

Camera kits include: tripod, (2) 32 GB SD card x2, SD reader, (3) batteries, (2) chargers, (2) mini USB cables, (2) lenses (18-55 mm & 75-300 mm), camera and bag straps, microfiber cloth.
Lighting Kit includes: (4) 7’ light stands, (2) light holders, (4) 45W CFL bulbs, (2) 33” umbrellas, (2) 24”x24” soft boxes, (3) 6’x9’ backdrops (green, white, black), (6) clamps, (1) stand support system, (1) carry bag.

DW Courses required (at least 1) for camera/lighting equipment checkout privileges:

  • DIG3525C- DPS 1


  • Reserve: 8AM – 5 PM M-F
    • To reserve a camera or lighting kit, visit the Digital Worlds REVE Front Desk (RFD) with a specific future date in mind. They will check to see if a kit is available during that time slot and will sign you up accordingly. The general reservation time limit per kit is 24 hours.
  • Walk In Checkout: 8AM – 5 PM M-F
    • If you don’t have a reservation for one of the kits, stop by the RFD to see if one is available for walk-in equipment checkout. Checkouts will occur on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Returns: 8AM – 4PM M-F
    • You may return checked out equipment the following business day any time between 8AM-4PM. Kits will be checked to ensure all items are accounted for and undamaged.
  • Re-Checkouts: 5PM M-F
    • Re-checkouts will be considered as completely separate checkouts. Equipment is still due before 4PM on its return due date, and may be re-checked out at 5PM if no other students have checked out all the remaining kits.
  • Care and Liability
    • Per the equipment checkout form, students are completely liable for the equipment they checkout. Failure to return equipment in the same condition as when checked out will result in a hold on your UF record until billing for all replacement or repair has been resolved. 
Student Printing Access

If DW students should need a reasonable amount of photocopies or printouts related to their studies during the semester, they may utilize printing services provided by the REVE Front Desk (RFD).

The specific hours and turnaround times may vary depending on the time of the semester, so it is best not to wait until a deadline to see how quickly your materials can be printed.

How to submit a print request to the RFD:

  1. During normal RFD hours (M-F, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM), hand deliver a USB flash drive with a folder named "PRINT ME."  The “PRINT ME” folder should ONLY include the files that you need printed, along with a README text file that gives your name, e-mail address, and phone number, indicating requested print quantities​​, paper size, single- vs. double-sided, etc.  The USB flash drive should also be labelled with your name for ease of subsequent pickup.
  2. E-mail an attachment to from your UF e-mail account.  Subject Line:  PLEASE PRINT ME.  ONLY the files that need to be printed should be attached.  The body of the e-mail should include text that gives your name and phone number, indicating requested print quantities​​, paper size, single- vs. double-sided, etc.

Standard Turnaround Times:

  1. In by 12:00 PM, ready at 5:45 PM same day (unless otherwise notified upon hand delivery/e-mail submission).
  2. In after 12:00 PM, ready for pickup by 10 AM the next day (unless otherwise notified upon hand delivery/e-mail submission). is an online training resource partner of the University of Florida.’s library has over 5,000 courses, lectures and tutorials covering a wide range of general topics and software skill development. An incredible resource for faculty, staff and students, all materials are free and available 24/7. Log in below.

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