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BA in Digital Arts & Sciences (Asia)

The Program

The BA in DAS (BADAS) degree crosses traditional college boundaries between arts, communications, and technology.  This degree provides graduates an Employment Ready Education with applicable technical and critical-thinking skills needed in the growing digital industries. BADAS ASIA OnLine students will immerse themselves in every aspect of the new and developing digital landscape — from computer illustration to 3D animation, from digital storytelling to video-game design and Virtual Reality (VR).  

Online Learning for Global Employment Ready Education (GERE)

The online BADAS degree offers off-campus Asian students the same caliber of education our on-campus students receive.  Our state-of-the-art classrooms have multi-stream video-conferencing technology, which can immerse online students into a traditional teaching setting.  DW’s hybrid approach to learning — where online students are integrated into on-campus environments — makes the institute a leader in synthesizing technology and education, with a goal of Global Employment Ready Education (GERE).

BADAS ASIA OnLine Degree Highlights

  • BADAS ASIA OnLine program provides the opportunity for Asian and American students to take classes together online, in both real-time or asynchronous formats
  • The new field of Digital Arts & Sciences is ideal for students whose intellectual and creative energies are not confined by traditional academic disciplines.
  • BADAS ASIA OnLine students will gain experience working on media projects in team-oriented environments.
  • Our students have gone on to work for companies like DreamWorks and Microsoft, as well as to start their own successful startups.

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