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Masters in Digital Arts & Sciences (MiDAS)

Jump start your career with this one year accelerated Masters program in emerging technology.

Digital World Institute’s Masters in Digital Arts & Sciences (MiDAS) degree program equips students with the programming and design skills needed to enter and thrive in contemporary interactive media industries. This one year accelerated master’s program focuses in the areas of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR) beginning late Summer and graduating the following Spring.

Working in small classes with one-on-one attention from faculty and industry experts, MiDAS students will create team-based studio projects that will provide the basis for their professional portfolios to be career-ready upon graduation.

What’s covered in this professional degree?

  • Project Management
    • Production Pipelines, Budgets & Proposals, Time Management
  • Programming
    • Unity 3D, Advance Unity/Physics, App-Based/Web App, Hardware Design/Implementation
  • Design and Interactivity
    • Visual Design Tools/Tech, 3D for VR/AR
    • UI-UX, Audio, Digital Compositing,

Created to include students from a variety of backgrounds and industries, this program is designed for individuals who wish to further personal career goals through the intersection of interactive media and innovative technologies.

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