Digital Worlds Institute

Masters in Digital Arts & Sciences (MiDAS)

UF Reality Lab

The UF Reality Lab at the Digital Worlds Institute explores and promotes research and educational endeavors in virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR).

Sample Courses 

DIG4527C Production of Immersive Environments
This course is a project-based class that will cover both the foundational knowledge of immersive technologies such as AR and VR. The course provides hands-on experience in developing a fully functioning immersive experience prototype.

DIG6027 Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling explores the theories and techniques behind the industry leaders in interactive story design. You will learn how to pace interactive scenes, design choices that matter, create deeply immersive experiences, and structure plot for non-linear media as you design your own interactive story.

DIG6840 Interdisciplinary Research Seminar 

  • Hands-on research experiences using AR/VR technologies.
  • Explore several projects at UF in various areas of research computing.
  • Acquire skills on 3D scanning technologies, depth cameras (Kinect for Azure), haptic sensors and other human-computer interfaces.
  • Form a research hypothesis and execute a pilot in-class data collection study.

DIG6744C Movement, Media, and Machines

  • Analyze project collaborator’s problems and propose an XR solution to solve it
  • Construct project development pipeline and apply project management tools to collaborate effectively with other team members.
  • Develop theoretical and technical XR knowledge to accomplish the project
  • Effectively communicate their proposed XR solutions to project collaborator

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