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Digital Worlds Institute

Minor in Digital Arts & Sciences

The Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) Minor crosses traditional college boundaries between the arts, communications, and engineering. Students will become versed in contemporary issues in social and interactive media, critical thinking and creative design solutions. The DAS minor gives students experience working in collaborative teams on media projects including digital production, animation, and game design. 

Students should complete a minor application form which requires approval from their home college advisor and Digital Worlds' academic advisor Phillip Herr-Klepacki. Once the student has obtained all necessary approvals, the form needs to be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar, located at 222 Criser Hall (2nd Floor). Please note: completion of the minor application form does not guarantee a seat in DAS minor courses as space in many courses is limited. 


Students are encouraged to take the following foundations courses prior to enrolling in more advanced DIG coursework listed below:

  • DIG 2005 - Introduction to Digital Technologies
  • DIG 2121 – Principles of Digital Visualization
  • DIG 2632 – Creating Mobile Games
  • DIG 2021 – Foundations of Digital Culture (REQUIRED)

DIG 2005, DIG 2121, and DIG 2632 have no prerequisite; students may self-enroll for one or both of these courses during their assigned registration time. For all other DIG courses, including DIG 2021, which is required for the DAS Minor, students must complete the Non-Major Course Request Form. Non-major requests are on a space-available basis. 

DAS Minor Courses

DIG 2021 is required; choose 4 additional courses below; non-major course request form required

  • Digital Production Courses
    • DIG 2121 - Principles of Digital Visualization (Spring & Summer)
    • DIG 3525C - DAS Design and Production Studio 1 (Fall)
    • DIG 3526C - DAS Design and Production Studio 2 (Spring)
    • DIG 4552 - Advanced Design and Production Studio
    • DIG 4930 - Special Topics in DAS: Motion Design
  • Game Design Courses
    • DIG 2632 - Creating Mobile Games (Fall & Summer)
    • DIG 3713 - Game Content Production 1 (Fall)
    • DIG 3873 - Game Systems Development 1 (Fall)
    • DIG 3715C - Game Content Production 2 (Spring)
    • DIG 3878 - Game Systems Development 2 (Spring)
    • DIG 4527C - Game Design and Production (Fall)
  • Animation Courses
    • DIG 3313C - 2D Digital Animation Techniques (Fall)
    • DIG 3305C - 3D Digital Animation Techniques (Fall)
    • DIG 4306C - Advanced Digital Animation Techniques (Spring)
    • DIG 3329 - 3D Modeling and Texturing (Spring)
    • DIG 4354 - 3D Character Animation (Fall)
  • Additional Courses 
    • DIG 2005 - Introduction to Digital Technologies (Fall)
    • DIG 3097 - Entrepreneurship in New Media (Spring)
    • DIG 3124 - Principles of Interaction & Usability (Spring)
    • DIG 3433 - Digital Storytelling (Fall)
    • DIG 3521 - Project Methodologies (Spring)
    • DIG 3691 - Blockchain Innovation in Digital Arts and Sciences (Spring)
    • DIG 4634 - Wearable and Mobile Apps (Fall)
    • DIG 4154 - Writing for Interactive Media (Fall)
    • Other DIG courses as approved

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