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Graduate Advising / Supervisory Committees

All MA in DAS students are required to put together a supervisory committee for their Thesis or Project in Lieu of Thesis (PILOT) by the end of their first year, or the semester in which they will have earned a total of 12 credit hours. Once you have established a supervisory committee, your committee chair is your point of contact for course advising. 

Supervisory committees are initiated by the student, not the faculty. Only those members of the faculty who have been appointed to the Graduate Faculty may serve as chair of a supervisory committee. In addition, the chair must be a graduate faculty member from the Institute. Your committee must contain at least two members. Additional members may be from Digital Worlds or from another UF college, provided they are graduate faculty and their expertise relates to the student's research. At least two committee members must be from Digital Worlds. DW graduate faculty include:

  • Angelos Barmpoutis
  • Eleni Bozia
  • Marko Suvajdzic
  • Seung Hyuk Jang
  • James Oliverio¬†

When a student has selected and confirmed their committee members, they should obtain the signatures of all committee members and submit the committee request form (found below) to Phillip Klepacki in the College of the Arts, who will submit the form to the Graduate School. 

Supervisory Committee Request Form58 kBpdf

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