Digital Worlds Institute


Submission Guidelines

General Rules

  • To participate, students must have been enrolled at Digital Worlds or in a DIG course for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • The maximum number of submissions per category per student:
    • Animation (max 2)
    • Digital Imagery (max 3)
    • Interactive Media (max 1)
    • Time-Based Media (max 1)
    • Video Games (max 1)
  • Collaborative projects must only submit to each category once, but individual members from the team may submit a difference project to the same category as an individual project or collaboration.
  • Class assignments, projects, and personal work are accepted.

Naming Rules

Submit your work inside the corresponding folder category, following this naming convention. Any works incorrectly named will be disqualified.

  • For single pieces:
      • i.e. BOOTHBY_CHARLES_animation_DOJO_MOJO
  • For collaborative pieces, list all the last names of contributors in the title:
    • i.e. KEETER_LESKO_HAMMOND_Time_Based_Media_STRESS

Formatting Rules

  • Time-Based Media and Animations must be formatted as .MOV or .MP4.
  • Digital Imagery submissions must be formatted as a JPEG or PNG.
  • Video Game submitters must be prepared to provide a laptop or computer to run their game if nominated by the committee. All game submissions must be formatted as a .EXE.

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