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BA in Digital Arts & Sciences

Explore the Edge of Experience Design & Production, Animation, and Game Design.

The ProgramĀ 

The interdisciplinary field of digital arts and sciences is ideal for students whose intellectual and creative pursuits are not readily confined to traditional academic disciplines. Through project-based learning and collaboration with diverse interdisciplinary teams, BA in Digital Arts & Sciences (BADAS) prepares students for 21st-century careers in creative and technology sectors. Students gain experience working in high-tech classrooms and team-oriented environments, reflecting the dynamics of the modern professional industries that they will enter after graduation.

Degree Highlights

Students gain proficiency in a range of relevant technologies, strengthen their ability to collaborate and communicate, and are given the opportunity to apply design concepts and critical thinking skills across multiple disciplines.

Students choose elective courses from the Institute's current offerings in Animation, Game Design, and Experience Design & Production.


  • Learn industry-standard techniques for film, video games, and interactive media.
  • Apply the 12 principles of animation to bring characters to life.

Game Design

  • Gain the technical skills required for game content creation and system development.
  • Effectively implement core principles of the game design production process: Planning, execution, scope, testing, and iteration.

Experience Design & Production

  • Apply your creativity in user experience design, studio production, and motion design.
  • Learn the entire process of pre-production, production, and post-production.

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