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BA in Digital Arts & Sciences

Explore the Edge of Digital Production, Animation, and Game Design.

The Program 

The interdisciplinary field of Digital Arts & Sciences is ideal for students whose intellectual and creative energies are not readily defined by traditional academic disciplines.

The BA in Digital Arts & Sciences (BADAS) degree provides graduates with the technical, creative, collaborative, and critical-thinking skills that are highly prized by 21st Century employers in the entertainment, communications, and technology sectors. BADAS students gain experience working in project-based classes in team-oriented environments, reflecting the dynamics of the modern professional industries that they will enter after graduation.

“With the sum of my experiences as a multimedia performer, Digital Worlds Institute has the instruction, technology and resources to take my creations into a new frontier.” -Juliet Dibenedetto, BADAS student

Degree Highlights

The BADAS experience provides students invaluable opportunities to develop and apply critical and design thinking, engage in collaborative teamwork and communications, develop fluencies in contemporary technologies, and build a digital portfolio that will advance their careers in the 21st-century entertainment, communications, and technology industries.


  • Learn industry-standard procedures for film, video games, and interactive media content creation
  • Develop fluency in the 12 Principles of Animation
  • Apply concepts and skills to create compelling motion in animation


  • Acquire the practical technical skills needed to fuel the evolution of interactive entertainment
  • Apply the principles of game design and production using modern creative systems
  • Engage in rigorous courses that provide you with employment-ready education


  • Learn the entire process of pre-production, production, and post-production
  • Build teamwork and management skills through class and client-based projects
  • Apply your creativity in digital media, visual storytelling, and live show design

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