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DIG4917 Undergraduate Research in DAS

Undergraduate Research in DAS provides students with research experience at the intersection of digital arts and sciences. Research Assistants work directly with DAS faculty to explore and produce various research in interactive tools and technologies. Students will accelerate their professional development as both a researcher and a digital artist. Students will learn first-hand how researchers set up and conduct a research project, how to collect data, and how they interpret the data. Students will also contribute to the creation of new technologies and techniques within interactive digital media.

Student Objectives:

  1. Hone oral and written communication methods
  2. Develop a troubleshooting process for conducting research
  3. Practice data collection and analysis
  4. Be able to pursue research opportunities of their own

Variable Credits

0 Credit Hours: Students can enroll in this course for 0 credit hours. This situation would be preferred by students who are approaching a maximum number of credit hours toward their degree or who are unable to cover the cost of tuition for these credits. Students registering for 0 credit hours should carefully discuss with their faculty advisor the time expectations for completion of the requirements of the class, and these expectations should be clearly articulated on the Digital Worlds Zero Credit Application Form.

1-3 Credit Hours: Students can take 1-3 credits per semester, with a maximum of 4 hours to count toward the major. For each credit taken, students must complete 45 hours of work during this semester. This translates into 3 hours per week during Spring and Fall semesters, 3.75 hours per week during Summer C, and 7.5 hours per week during Summer A or Summer B (for each credit taken).

NOTE: Scheduled meeting times will vary by semester and supervising faculty.

Research Project List

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