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Internships for Academic Credit

Digital Arts and Sciences Internship (DIG 4940) is a professional development elective offered during Summer C or Summer B semester. The course can be taken for one to three credits, and no more than three credits are allowed for the internship course. Students majoring in Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) are only allowed one internship for academic credit. To qualify for academic credit, an internship must be an on-the-job learning experience. The intern must be supervised by a full-time employee of the sponsoring organization, and both student and sponsor must adhere to established guidelines to qualify for credit.

To earn academic credit, students must complete a series of assignments that are reviewed and graded by an Instructor of Record (IOR). Students must identify a Digital Worlds instructor and obtain their approval in writing to serve as the IOR well in advance of the internship application deadline.

Credits are earned by working a set number of documented hours at your internship. A list of credits and their corresponding hours are below:

1 credit = 45 Hours
2 credits = 90 Hours
3 credits = 135 Hours +

The course is graded S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory).

Requirements & How to Apply

  1. Have earned at least nine semester hours of credit in Digital Worlds upper-division courses, and have a 2.5 or higher overall GPA and a 2.5 or higher professional GPA.
  2. The internship must be an on-the-job learning experience. The intern must be supervised by a full-time employee of the sponsoring organization.
  3. Submit a completed Internship Application Form*. Before turning in an application, check one.ufl for any holds. All holds must be lifted before an application for an internship may be reviewed.
  4. Submit an Acceptance Letter* from your supervisor. Your supervisor must write an acceptance letter for you to submit with the internship application. The letter must be addressed to the Digital Worlds Asst. Director, Justin Marlin, written on organizational letterhead and explain that you were hired as an intern for the company or organization. The letter must explain your duties as an intern. The letter must have your direct supervisor’s official title and must be signed by your direct supervisor, who will be your main supervisor for the duration of the internship.
  5. Submit a Supervisor Form* filled out by the full-time supervising employee of the sponsoring organization.
  6. Upon submission of an internship application and the support material, Justin Marlin, will accept or deny your application. Once an application is accepted, the DW advisor will enroll the student in the course. The student does not need to add the course in one.ufl. We encourage students to submit applications early, which will allow for ample time to resubmit if any issue arises with the application. 

    *All the above items, (3) internship application, (4) acceptance letter, and (5) employer form must be submitted together either and emailed to

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